racing bicycle

A racing bicycle, also known as a road bike, and once popularly known as a ten speed, is a bicycle designed for competitive road cycling, a sport governed by according to the rules of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). The UCI rules were altered in 1934 to exclude recumbent bicycles. The most important characteristics about a racing bicycle are its weight and stiffness which determine the efficiency at which the power from a rider's pedal strokes can be transferred to the drive-train and subsequently to its wheels. To this effect racing bicycles may sacrifice comfort for speed. The drop handlebars are positioned lower than the saddle in order to put the rider in a more aerodynamic posture. The front and back wheels are close together so the bicycle has quick handling. The derailleur gear ratios are closely spaced so that the rider can pedal at their optimum cadence. Other racing bicycles, especially those used in time trialling, prioritize aerodynamics over comfort.
Landscape - colorful jigsaw puzzle
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Sunset - sunset and bike-puzzle
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Plumbike - bike is a great way to move sport and
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Emily Osment - Emily Jordan Osment urodziła się 10 marca 1992 roku w Los Angeles, w stanie Kalifornia. Jest młod
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Emily Osment

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bicletta in città - che bello correre in bicicletta per le strade
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bicletta in città

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ciepły pojazd - pojazd dla diabła ale wygodny
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ciepły pojazd

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Anime Girl - Anime Girl Wallpaper
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Anime Girl

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Krzyź z rowerkiem- relaks - Moje puzle są najlepsze na swiecie. Krzysiu wypróbuj koniecznie!!!
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Krzyź z rowerkiem- relaks

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wycieczka rowerowa - trasa rowerowa dla dwojga
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wycieczka rowerowa

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rower damka - ładny kupiłam rower
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rower damka

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Italia - Dolomity - Italia - Dolomity; Passo Giau
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Italia - Dolomity

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chipndale49 - chipndale game for dick
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z nieużytecznych-ozdobne - stary rower jako kwiatowa ozdoba
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z nieużytecznych-ozdobne

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Rower black - Rower black cross bike
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Rower black

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Czerwonu rowerek - Nowe rowery na polskich drogach
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Czerwonu rowerek

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Szlak drezynowy - Mazury koło Mrągowa
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Szlak drezynowy

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rowerek nowy rowerek - nowa radosc dziecka nowy rowerek
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rowerek nowy rowerek

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Wycieczka rowerowa - Bazylea atrakcje miasta
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Wycieczka rowerowa

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Niebieski rowerek - Schlaraffia dla kobiet
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Niebieski rowerek

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Stary rower - fox Flyer zabytkowy dla pana
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Stary rower

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