parking lot

A parking lot (American English) or car park (British English), also known as a car lot, is a cleared area that is intended for parking vehicles. Usually, the term refers to a dedicated area that has been provided with a durable or semi-durable surface. In most countries where cars are the dominant mode of transportation, parking lots are a feature of every city and suburban area. Shopping malls, sports stadiums, megachurches and similar venues often feature parking lots of immense area. See also multistorey car park. Parking lots tend to be sources of water pollution because of their extensive impervious surfaces. Most existing lots have limited or no facilities to control runoff. Many areas today also require minimum landscaping in parking lots to provide shade and help mitigate the extent of which their paved surfaces contribute to heat islands. Many municipalities require a minimum number of parking spaces, depending on the floor area in a store or the number of bedrooms in an apartment complex. In the United States, each state's Department of Transportation sets the proper ratio for disabled spaces for private business and public parking lots.
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Nissan r34 i inne - auta nissan skyline r34 i inne
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Nissan r34 i inne

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budynek w krk - budowla remontowa w krk
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budynek w krk

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ZOO w Zamościu - Parking przed wejściem do ZOO
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ZOO w Zamościu

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Nowe samochody - Nissan w nowych wersjach
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Nowe samochody

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Parking samochodowy - Nowy parking na osiedlu Majowym w Szczecinie
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Parking samochodowy

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