A monument is a type of—usually three-dimensional—structure that was explicitly created to commemorate a person or event, or which has become relevant to a social group as a part of their remembrance of historic times or cultural heritage, due to its artistic, historical, political, technical or architectural importance. Examples of monuments include statues, (war) memorials, historical buildings, archeological sites, and cultural assets. If there is a public interest in its preservation, a monument can for example be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Castle of Moszna - Moszna is located on the communication route connecting Prudnik with Krapkowice. The name of the vil
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Castle of Moszna

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Annecy - France - Annecy is a city in the south-east, located between the Prealp mountains and the lake of the same na
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Annecy - France

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Crane Gate in Gdansk - The Gdansk crane is a historic, oldest port crane in Europe preserved in Europe. Its construction la
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Crane Gate in Gdansk

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fireworks - fireworks, houses, streets
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