A portrait miniature is a miniature portrait painting, usually executed in gouache, watercolour, or enamel. Portrait miniatures developed out of the techniques of the miniatures in illuminated manuscripts, and were popular among 16th-century elites, mainly in England and France, and spread across the rest of Europe from the middle of the 18th-century, remaining highly popular until the development of daguerreotypes and photography in the mid-19th century. They were especially valuable in introducing people to each other over distances; a nobleman proposing the marriage of his daughter might send a courier with her portrait to visit potential suitors. Soldiers and sailors might carry miniatures of their loved ones while traveling, or a wife might keep one of her husband while he was away. The first miniaturists used watercolour to paint on stretched vellum. During the second half of the 17th century, vitreous enamel painted on copper became increasingly popular, especially in France. In the 18th century, miniatures were painted with watercolour on ivory, which had now become relatively cheap. As small in size as 40 mm × 30 mm, portrait miniatures were often used as personal mementos or as jewellery or snuff box covers.
paradise or landscape - kbhfytfuihygfderyuikiuytrdesdfg
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paradise or landscape

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World works of art - world works of art
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World works of art

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jadą sobie jadą - konie ludzie i karoca
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jadą sobie jadą

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Fly_IMG_DO_WIERSZA - zdjęcie do wiersza Williama Blake'a
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Giotto Assisi - Secondo i più recenti studi, il ciclo di Assisi sembra essere suddiviso in tre gruppi distinti: il
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Giotto Assisi

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Piękna dziewczynka - Dziewczynka karmi ptaszki
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Piękna dziewczynka

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miniatrka drzewka - egzotyczna miniaturka drzewka
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miniatrka drzewka

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Ikona Trójcy - Ikona Trójcy Świętej Rublowa
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Ikona Trójcy

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kuchnia matka dziewczynka - kuchnia matka dziewczynka
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kuchnia matka dziewczynka

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Interno tinello - Credenza blu in tinello con gatto
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Interno tinello

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boże narodzenie - ikona bozego narodzenia
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boże narodzenie

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Mikołaj ciężko pracuje - Mikołaj szykuje zabawki dla dzieci
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Mikołaj ciężko pracuje

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Cenerentola - immagine illustrativa per la celebre fiaba di Perrault
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