Mimosa is a genus of about 400 species of herbs and shrubs, in the mimosoid clade of the legume family Fabaceae. The generic name is derived from the Greek word μιμος (mimos), an "actor" or "mime," and the feminine suffix –osa, "resembling", suggesting its 'sensitive leaves' which seem to 'mimic conscious life'. Two species in the genus are especially notable. One is Mimosa pudica, because of the way it folds its leaves when touched or exposed to heat. It is native to southern Central and South America but is widely cultivated elsewhere for its curiosity value, both as a houseplant in temperate areas, and outdoors in the tropics. Outdoor cultivation has led to weedy invasion in some areas, notably Hawaii. The other is Mimosa tenuiflora, which is best known for its use in shamanic ayahuasca brews due to the psychedelic drug dimethyltryptamine found in its root bark.
nawłoć,kwiat jesieni - kolor,żółty,kwiat,osa,
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nawłoć,kwiat jesieni

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nawłoć ociepla jesień - kwiat,osa,kolor,żółty,ciepły,
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nawłoć ociepla jesień

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Zlotokap - Kwitnacy zlotokap w czerwcu
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piękne kwiaty - ten kwiat to mniszka żółta
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piękne kwiaty

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forsycja bardzo żółta - kolory,żółty, zielony,dom,drzewa
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forsycja bardzo żółta

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araguaney para la escuela - rompecabeza para diego
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araguaney para la escuela

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Żółte kwiatki - Żółte na rabatkę kwiaty lub na balkon
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Żółte kwiatki

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