Marines, also known as a marine corps or naval infantry, are typically an infantry force that specializes in the support of naval and army operations at sea and on land, as well as the execution of their own operations. In the majority of countries, the marine force is an integral part of the navy, but it can also be under the army like the Troupes de marine (French Marines) and Givati Brigade (Israeli Marines), or form an independent service branch like the United States Marine Corps and the Royal Marines (although the United States Marine Corps is under the United States Department of the Navy, and the Royal Marines come under Her Majesty's Naval Service). Historically, tasks undertaken by marines have included: helping maintain discipline and order aboard the ship (reflecting the pressed nature of the ships' company and the risk of mutiny), the boarding of vessels during combat or capture of prize ships, and providing manpower for raiding ashore in support of the naval objectives. With the industrialization of warfare in the 20th century the scale of landing operations increased; this brought with it an increased likelihood of opposition and a need for co-ordination of various military elements. Marine forces evolved to specialize in the skills and capabilities required for amphibious warfare.
Nigerian war - war that scares saul
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Nigerian war

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This is him supcio crunch - this is my favorite game, I like playing it
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This is him supcio crunch

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Game of Thrones - Several noble families are fighting for dominion over the land of Westeros. Political and sexual int
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Game of Thrones

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Czyścioszek - Brushing teeth by a boy
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Żołnierze Wyklęci - Kresy w ogniu sowietów
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Żołnierze Wyklęci

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Call of Duty - Ghost - Puzzle powstały z obrazka z gry Call of Duty MW2
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Call of Duty - Ghost

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Test Photo - Military photo for game
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Test Photo

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Parada wojskowa - Tomasina Madagaskar pokazy
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Parada wojskowa

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