Marching refers to the organized, uniformed, steady and rhythmic walking forward, usually associated with military troops. Marching is often performed to march music, and often associated with military parades. Marching is part of basic training in the military in most countries. In most cases, marching uses a system of drill commands. Learning to march by obeying commands is considered a form of discipline. While marching, individuals must maintain their dress, cover, interval, and distance (DCID): dress — alignment with the person to the side; cover — alignment with the person in front; interval — space between the person(s) to the side; distance — space between the person in front. In Northern Ireland, for some people, marching is a major provocative ritual. Hundreds of marches occur annually. These are usually organized by groups such as the Orange Order, which provide most of the participants. Music is provided by marching bands including silver bands, flute bands and others.
rebelde 2 temporada - Telenovela talks about the adventures of students of the Mexican school for rich youth, Elite Way Sc
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rebelde 2 temporada

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Gwardia przed Kaplicą - gwardziści,kaplica św.Jerzego,"Boby"
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Gwardia przed Kaplicą

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Italia - Canazei. - Italia - Canazei. Tożsamość Latynów jest określona dwoma ważnymi elementami: specyficznym jęz
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Italia - Canazei.

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Italia - Canazei - Italia - Canazei jest mocno zwiazane ze swoimi korzeniami i tradycja.
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Italia - Canazei

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i jdijd wdji - idjqienf efbwbkf ehbfjne wewjwjiodeuwhjer. ewfsjdk.r feisnf we f
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i jdijd wdji

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Józef Piłsudski - Święto Niepodległości
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Józef Piłsudski

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