lighting accessory

Stage lighting accessories are components manufactured for conventional (non-automated) stage lighting instruments. Most conventional fixtures are designed to accept a number of different accessories designed to assist in the modification of the output. These accessories are intended to either provide relatively common functionality not originally provided in a fixture (such as beam shaping through barn doors), or to extend the versatility of a lighting instrument by introducing features. Other accessories have been designed to overcome limitations or difficulties some fixtures present in specific applications. All stage lighting accessories fall into one of three distinct categories: components installed inside the fixture, components affixed to the front of the fixture (in front of the lens), or components mounted elsewhere on the exterior of a fixture (to the side, top or bottom).
interior design c.d - orchid on the bedside table
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interior design c.d

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something to eat - different types of cheese
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something to eat

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Lighting lamps - colorful lighting lamps
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Lighting lamps

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lampa wisząca w pokoju - lampa wisząca do pokoju
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lampa wisząca w pokoju

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lampka nocna - kolorowa lampka nocna
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lampka nocna

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doniczki - szafka z dwoma szufladami
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Puzle Mona - drewniany stół, nakrycia, wazon z kwiatami, lambpa, lustro, komoda, ceglana ściana, cegły
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Puzle Mona

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różne żarówki - każda inna a ta sama funkcja
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różne żarówki

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kolorowy abażur - witraż kolorowy abażur
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kolorowy abażur

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flakon i kulki - ze smakiem wnętrze pokoju
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flakon i kulki

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dużo kwiatów... - dużo białych kwiatów...
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dużo kwiatów...

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wieczór i miło - sowy pilnują ,wiśnia się rozwija i fajnie jest
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wieczór i miło

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