Lemonade is any of various sweetened beverages found throughout the world, all characterized by fruit flavor. Most lemonade varieties can be separated into two distinct types: cloudy and clear; each is known simply as "lemonade" (or a cognate) in countries where dominant. Cloudy lemonade, generally found in North America and India, is a traditionally homemade drink made with lemon juice, water, and sweetener such as cane sugar or honey. A clear lemonade is a lemon flavored carbonated soft drink which first appeared in the UK in 1833, and is also sold in Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. It should not be confused with the popular Sprite, a lemon-lime flavored soft drink. A popular cloudy variation is pink lemonade, made with added fruit flavors such as raspberry or strawberry and more, giving the drink its distinctive pink color. The "-ade" suffix may also be applied to other similar drinks made with different fruits, such as limeade, orangeade, or cherryade. Alcoholic varieties are known as hard lemonade.
Witaminki - colorful jigsaw puzzle
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Desserts c.d - jar with lemon jam
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Desserts c.d

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Tasty and healthy - colorful jigsaw puzzle
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Tasty and healthy

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spożywka - two colorful drinks and lemon
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cocktail c.d - healthy cocktail with various fruits
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cocktail c.d

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but pychota - I am delicious yummy
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but pychota

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same goodness - cold lemonade in the summer this is it
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same goodness

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napój dla ochłody - palmy kokos ,truskawki ,parasolka
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napój dla ochłody

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herbata z cytryną - a ja wolę smaczne kakao
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herbata z cytryną

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Kolorowo i zdrowo na wiosnę - Drinki z różnych owoców
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Kolorowo i zdrowo na wiosnę

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Napój z cytryny - Cytryna szklance, ściereczki
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Napój z cytryny

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