The Hymenochaetales are an order of fungi in the class Agaricomycetes. The order in its current sense is based on molecular research and not on any unifying morphological characteristics. According to one 2008 estimate, the Hymenochaetales contain around 600 species worldwide, mostly corticioid fungi and poroid fungi, but also including several clavarioid fungi and agarics. Species of economic importance include wood decay fungi in the genera Phellinus and Inonotus sensu lato, some of which may cause losses in forestry. Therapeutic properties are claimed for Inonotus obliquus ("chaga") and Phellinus linteus, both of which are now commercially marketed.
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wielki grzyb - grzyb,olbrzym,las,ręka
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wielki grzyb

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grzyby z potomstwem - Grzyby,opiekuńcze,,dorosłe,dzieci
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grzyby z potomstwem

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jeszzcze jeden grzyb

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