horse trainer

A horse trainer is a person who tends to horses and teaches them different disciplines. Some of the responsibilities trainers have are caring for the animals’ physical needs, as well as teaching them submissive behaviors and/or coaching them for events, which may include contests and other riding purposes. The level of education and the yearly salary they can earn for this profession may differ depending on where the person is employed.
painting c, d - picture-horses at a gallop
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painting c, d

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sport cd - a jockey on a horse rushes to the finish line
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sport cd

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koń polski - dziecko śpiące na koniu
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koń polski

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kolnik z prszcza - w damaszce kolkio Nikolia
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kolnik z prszcza

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Star Stable Online - Puzzle na mojego bloga o Star Stable Online
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Star Stable Online

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nieposkromiona miłości - oni fajnie grajom w nieposkromiona miłości
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nieposkromiona miłości

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