Gladiolus (from Latin, the diminutive of gladius, a sword,) is a genus of perennial cormous flowering plants in the iris family (Iridaceae). It is sometimes called the 'sword lily', but is usually called by its generic name (plural gladioli). The genus occurs in Asia, Mediterranean Europe, South Africa, and tropical Africa. The center of diversity is in the Cape Floristic Region. The genera Acidanthera, Anomalesia, Homoglossum, and Oenostachys, formerly considered distinct, are now included in Gladiolus.
Phlox in a vase - A bouquet of gladioli in a vase
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Phlox in a vase

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Beautiful bouquet - A bunch of beautiful flowers
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Beautiful bouquet

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flowers c.d - a beautiful, peach-colored gladiolus
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flowers c.d

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colorful hood - plants, flowers, colors, Sarracenia
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colorful hood

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pink-yellow color - the flower in the garden grows
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pink-yellow color

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roślinka pod ochroną - mieczyk dachuwkowaty
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roślinka pod ochroną

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uwielbiam kwiaty - mieczyk dachuwkowaty
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uwielbiam kwiaty

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Kolorowe lilie - Kolorowe kwiaty ogrodowe
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Kolorowe lilie

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Fioletowy irys - Cudny irysek z mojego ogrodu
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Fioletowy irys

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piękny amarylis - amarylis w doniczce - piękny i elegancki
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piękny amarylis

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