flxible metro

The Flxible Metro was a transit bus that was assembled and manufactured by the Flxible Corporation from 1983 until 1995. From 1978 until early-1983, when Flxible was owned by Grumman, the model was known as the Grumman 870, with a Grumman nameplate. The earlier model 870 experienced a large number of major design defects and deficiencies, some of which led to the filing of lawsuits against the company by purchasers, and the successor "Metro" model addressed those defective design issues. Over the combined 17-year production history, a total of 14,456 were built, of which 4,642 were model 870 and 9,814 were Metros.
Bus Jelcz PR110M - Polish city bus, produced in 1975-1992 by Jelczańskie Zakłady Samochodowe in Jelcz (currently Jelc
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Bus Jelcz PR110M

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Autobus miejski 2 - Neoplan w dwóch partach wita Polskę.
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Autobus miejski 2

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