floor gymnastics - choose a jigsaw puzzle to solve

In gymnastics, the floor refers to a specially prepared exercise surface, which is considered an apparatus. It is used by both male and female gymnasts. The event in gymnastics performed on floor is called floor exercise. The English abbreviation for the event in gymnastics scoring is FX. A spring floor is used in most competitive gymnastics to provide bounce. Cheerleading also sometimes use spring floors. The sprung floor used for indoor athletics, however, is designed to reduce bounce.
Małgosia 002 - Margaret full of charms
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Małgosia 002

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Ámbar Smith - Ámbar Smith - Main character of the series, a student at the prestigious Blake South Collage school
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Ámbar Smith

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gimnastyka - gimnastyka akrobatyka puzzle gimnastic
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super sportsmenka - sport i tylko sport dla ludzi
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super sportsmenka

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