Driftwood is wood that has been washed onto a shore or beach of a sea, lake, or river by the action of winds, tides or waves. It is a form of marine debris or tidewrack. In some waterfront areas, driftwood is a major nuisance. However, the driftwood provides shelter and food for birds, fish and other aquatic species as it floats in the ocean. Gribbles, shipworms and bacteria decompose the wood and gradually turn it into nutrients that are reintroduced to the food web. Sometimes, the partially decomposed wood washes ashore, where it also shelters birds, plants, and other species. Driftwood can become the foundation for sand dunes. Most driftwood is the remains of trees, in whole or part, that have been washed into the ocean, due to flooding, high winds, or other natural occurrences, or as the result of logging. There is also a subset of driftwood known as drift lumber. Drift lumber includes the remains of man-made wooden objects, such as buildings and their contents washed into the sea during storms, wooden objects discarded into the water from shore, dropped dunnage or lost cargo from ships (jetsam), and the remains of shipwrecked wooden ships and boats (flotsam).
bough - rock city - Rock town, Adrspach - Czech Republic
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bough - rock city

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pochyłe drzewo - stare,pochyłe,drzewo,gałęzie,liście
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pochyłe drzewo

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Park Los Glaciares. - Argentyna. Park Los Glaciares. El Chalten.
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Park Los Glaciares.

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rozdarta sosna w krzewach - rozdarta sosna w krzewach
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rozdarta sosna w krzewach

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