diving equipment

Diving equipment is equipment used by underwater divers to make diving activities possible, easier, safer and/or more comfortable. This may be equipment primarily intended for this purpose, or equipment intended for other purposes which is found to be suitable for diving use. The fundamental item of diving equipment used by divers is underwater breathing apparatus, such as scuba equipment, and surface supplied diving equipment, but there are other important pieces of equipment that make diving safer, more convenient or more efficient. Diving equipment used by recreational scuba divers is mostly personal equipment carried by the diver, but professional divers, particularly when operating in the surface supplied or saturation mode, use a large amount of support equipment not carried by the diver. Equipment which is used for underwater work or other activities which is not directly related to the activity of diving, or which has not been designed or modified specifically for underwater use by divers is excluded.
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Skydiving. - Skydiving.
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Gracek i Klaudek - Gracek i Klaudek na wodzie. ,,Mogę wszystko".
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Gracek i Klaudek

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Jayy Von Monroe - Love him.Hope you like it.
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Jayy Von Monroe

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Sport nurkowy - Trener młodych nurków
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Sport nurkowy

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Łowcy smoków - Łowcy Smoków Dragon Hunters
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Łowcy smoków

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Selena gomez - Czarodzieje - Selena gomez - Czarodzieje
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Selena gomez - Czarodzieje

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