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A column or pillar in architecture and structural engineering is a structural element that transmits, through compression, the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below. In other words, a column is a compression member. The term column applies especially to a large round support (the shaft of the column) with a capital and a base or pedestal which is made of stone, or appearing to be so. A small wooden or metal support is typically called a post, and supports with a rectangular or other non-round section are usually called piers. For the purpose of wind or earthquake engineering, columns may be designed to resist lateral forces. Other compression members are often termed "columns" because of the similar stress conditions. Columns are frequently used to support beams or arches on which the upper parts of walls or ceilings rest. In architecture, "column" refers to such a structural element that also has certain proportional and decorative features. A column might also be a decorative element not needed for structural purposes; many columns are "engaged", that is to say form part of a wall.
Paris landscape. - A unique Parisian landscape.
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Paris landscape.

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Greece Athens - Athens erehtejon and caryatids
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Greece Athens

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Roman Forum. - Roman Forum in Rome. As Jola once wrote: they say ages.
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Roman Forum.

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Mechelinki - plaza in Mechelinki
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Brandenburg gate - The historic building in Berlin is one of the landmarks of the city, designed by a German architect,
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Brandenburg gate

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Courtyard. - Moorish courtyard in a Romanian church.
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venice in the evening - sunset in Venice in Piazza San Marco
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venice in the evening

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Old town of Groznjan. - Old town of Groznjan in Croatia.
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Old town of Groznjan.

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Vatican - interior - Vatican, richly decorated interiors
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Vatican - interior

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Vatican by night - Vatican by night. Holy See.
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Vatican by night

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Temple in Petra. - Temple in Petra. Jordan.
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Temple in Petra.

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Beautiful house facade. - Beautiful facade of an old tenement house.
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Beautiful house facade.

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Sanssouci. Tearoom. - Sanssouci. Potsdam. Tearoom.
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Sanssouci. Tearoom.

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Palace terrace. - A beautiful palace terrace.
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Palace terrace.

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roma2018 - column traiana holes
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Sigmund column - consolidation of the form of elected kings and their accomplishments
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Sigmund column

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Athens-Greece - colorful jigsaw puzzle
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view - window view vacation
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wonders of nature - amazing wonders of nature and man
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wonders of nature

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Hall - colorful puzzle jigsaw
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architecture - complicated puzzle
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paesaggio - jghfkghfhjghjvhgliugipuiuhigblygifuygòkjbòkugyiughjk
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buildings c.d - stairs in a beautiful building
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buildings c.d

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Monuments of Germany - A magnificent palace in Germany at night
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Monuments of Germany

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Portugal Atlantic Castle - Portugal-Atlantic beauty
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Portugal Atlantic Castle

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The door is open for spring - The door is open for spring
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The door is open for spring

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so that I would like to be a l - Lady in the living room by the window in the armchair
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so that I would like to be a l

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