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Chávez or Chavez is usually an American Spanish, and also a Filipino surname, a variation of "Chaves", and may refer to: Agnes Chavez, American artist Angélico Chávez, (1910–1996), American Franciscan priest, historian, author, poet, and painter Carlos Chavez (football administrator), Bolivian football administrator Carlos Chávez, Mexican composer, conductor, teacher, journalist, and the founder and director of the Mexico Symphony Orchestra César Chávez, founder of the National Farm Workers Association, which became United Farm Workers Christian Chávez, actor and singer, most famously known for RBD and for coming out about his homosexuality Jose Chavez y Chavez (1851–1924), cowboy from New Mexico who rode with Billy the Kid Coronado Chávez, President of Honduras from 1845–1847 Dennis Chavez, United States politician Endy Chávez, Venezuelan Major League Baseball player Eric Chavez, Hispanic-American Major League Baseball player Federico Chávez, President of Paraguay Fermín Chávez, Argentinian historian, poet and journalist Gina Chavez, Latin folk singer & songwriter Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela Ignacio Chávez (disambiguation), multiple people Jorge Chávez, Peruvian airplane pilot Jorge F. Chavez, Thoroughbred horse racing jockey Kharla Chávez, Ecuadorian politician Julio César Chávez, Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez, Jr., Mexican boxer, son of Julio César Chávez Jesús Chávez, Mexican boxer Linda Chavez, Hispanic-American author and commentator Linda Chavez-Thompson, former AFL-CIO official Leo Chavez, American anthropologist Martha Chávez, Peruvian politician Martin Chavez, mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico Néstor Chávez, Venezuelan Major League Baseball player Omar Chávez, Mexican boxer, son of Julio César Chávez Raúl Chávez, Venezuelan Major League Baseball player R. Martin Chavez (born c.
Christian Chavez - Christian Chávez, responsible José Christian Chávez Garza (born August 7, 1983 in Reynosa) - Mexi
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Christian Chavez

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