Chaparral is a shrubland or heathland plant community found primarily in the US state of California and in the northern portion of the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. It is shaped by a Mediterranean climate (mild, wet winters and hot dry summers) and wildfire, featuring summer-drought-tolerant plants with hard sclerophyllous evergreen leaves, as contrasted with the associated soft-leaved, drought-deciduous, scrub community of coastal sage scrub, found below the chaparral biome. Chaparral covers 5% of the state of California, and associated Mediterranean shrubland an additional 3.5%. The name comes from the Spanish word for scrub oak, chaparro.
Desert views - In the picture, desert and desert vegetation. A large area with no dense vegetation due to the small
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Desert views

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Kolorowe jesiennne kwiaty - Kolorowe jesiennne kwiaty
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Kolorowe jesiennne kwiaty

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Italia - Wezuwiusz - Italia - Wezuwiusz. Na przestrzeni lat miało miejsce ponad sto erupcji, lecz tylko trzy poważnych
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Italia - Wezuwiusz

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skały w Hiszpanii - Rowerowa droga przez Hiszpanię
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skały w Hiszpanii

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Gorski krajobraz - Gory w otoczeniu kwiatow i sniegu
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Gorski krajobraz

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