Box (plural: boxes) describes a variety of containers and receptacles for permanent use as storage, or for temporary use, often for transporting contents. Boxes may be made of durable materials such as wood or metal, or of corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, or other non-durable materials. The size may vary from very small (e.g., a matchbox) to the size of a large appliance. A corrugated box is a very common shipping container. When no specific shape is described, a box of rectangular cross-section with all sides flat may be expected, but a box may have a horizontal cross section that is square, elongated, round or oval; sloped or domed top surfaces, or vertical edges.They are not always made up of squares. Decorative or storage boxes may be opened by raising, pulling, sliding or removing the lid, which may be hinged and/or fastened by a catch, clasp, or lock.
prezenciki - Puzzle gift for someone
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potatoes in boxes - Arrange the photo with potatoes in boxes
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potatoes in boxes

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graphics c.d. - bouquet and presents in a beautiful table
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graphics c.d.

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Subject - object for sitting
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urodziny - prezenty urodzinowe Marysi
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kociak z kuwety - kiciuś który wyszedł z kuwety
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kociak z kuwety

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Moje obrazki - Jest to zdjęcie flashcards.
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Moje obrazki

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starocie - skrzynka siostrzenicy
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pudełko na chusteczki - zrobione ręcznie prawda że ladne
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pudełko na chusteczki

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husteczki  do nosa - husteczki o zapachu lawendy
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husteczki do nosa

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bombonierka cukierków - ale smaczne, zaraz będę jadła
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bombonierka cukierków

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doraemon 16 - doraemon puzzle for dick
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doraemon 16

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czerwony prezent - Spróbuj ułożyć prezent
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czerwony prezent

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BoxFede Gigigi - Blabaldkoema djskds sdmskds
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BoxFede Gigigi

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