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Anime (Japanese: ア ニ メ?) - Japanese abbreviation, derived from the English word "animation", which is pronounced in Japanese animēshon. It means an animated film, except that in Japan this term is used to describe all animated films and series, regardless of their country of origin. However, outside of Japan, the word anime is used to define Japanese animated films and the style of Japanese animation. The theory about the origin of the term anime from the French word animé (animated) or les dessins animés (animated images) is debatable. Both forms - the original animēshon and abbreviated anime - are used by the Japanese.
Anime Girl - Anime Beauty Girl Game
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Anime Girl

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Anime Girls - Anime Girls PC Games
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Anime Girls

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Dziewczyna Anime - Dziewczyna Anime - Agentka
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Dziewczyna Anime

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