Wesoła (Polish pronunciation: [vɛˈsɔwa]) is one of the districts of Warsaw, and has been since October 27, 2002. Wesoła is located in the south-eastern part of city. Wesoła received town privileges on December 17, 1968. Then, the town included Wola Grzybowska, Wesoła, Groszówka, Grzybowa, Zielona and Stara Miłosna estates. The development of the area was determined by its locality to 3 important routes. The first route, called Stary Trakt (English: Old Route), comes from Grochów, then travels through Okuniew, Stanisławów, and finally through South Podlasie towards Russia. Established near this route was Grzybowa village with Zielona (English: Green) inn and Wola Grzybowa, which now is called Wola Grzybowska. Near the second route, which comes from Prague, through Kamion, Grochowo, to Mińsk Mazowiecki, then through Terespol and Brest, the Miłosna village developed. In 1823 on the Stanisław Staszic's initiative a road was built, called Trakt Brzeski. The third route was the Warsaw–Terespol Railway, started on September 18, 1867.