Disambiguation in Wikipedia is the process of resolving the conflicts that occur when articles about two or more different topics could have the same "natural" page title. This category contains disambiguation pages: non-article pages containing links to other Wikipedia articles and disambiguation pages. Disambiguation pages are added to Category:Disambiguation pages by placing the {{Disambiguation}} template on the page itself. Other templates are available that place articles in more specific disambiguation subcategories. A page may also be assessed as "disambiguation-class" by various WikiProjects by including "|class=Disambig" in a WikiProject template on the talk page of the disambiguation page. This places the talk page in a subcategory of Category:Disambig-Class articles.
Abhay Deol - Handsome Abhay Deol at a photo session.
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Abhay Deol

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Arjun Rampal - Handsome Arjun Rampal on a photo session.
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Arjun Rampal

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para z Indii - ona ładna a on taki sobie
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para z Indii

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Aisha Sharma - a 6x6 of Indian actress Aisha Sharma, sister of Neha Sharma.
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Aisha Sharma

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