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Stanisław Wawrzyniec Staszic [staˈɲiswaf ˈstaʂit͡s] (baptised 6 November 1755 – 20 January 1826) was a leading figure in the Polish Enlightenment: a Catholic priest, philosopher, geologist, writer, poet, translator and statesman. A physiocrat, monist, pan-Slavist (after 1815) and laissez-fairist, he supported many reforms in Poland. He is particularly remembered for his political writings during the "Great (Four-Year) Sejm" (1788–92) and for his support of the Constitution of 3 May 1791, adopted by that Sejm. He co-founded the Warsaw Society of Friends of Learning (precursor to the Polish Academy of Sciences), of which he became president. He served as a member of the State Council of the Duchy of Warsaw and as minister of trade and industry in Congress Poland. Staszic is seen as the father of Polish geology, statistics, sociology, Tatra Mountains studies and exploration, mining and industry.
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Carolina - a young, beautiful actress
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W pustyni i w puszczy - Nel na słoniu Kali prowadzi słonia
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W pustyni i w puszczy

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w pustyni i w puszczy - staś i nel chowają się z kalim i meą za skałą.
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w pustyni i w puszczy

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Staś Tarkowski - Obrazek przedstawia Stasia, głównego bohatera książki ,,W pustyni i w puszczy". Są to puzz
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Staś Tarkowski

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