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Significant Other is the second album by American rap rock band Limp Bizkit. Released in 1999 by Flip/Interscope Records, the album saw the band expanding its sound from that of its debut album Three Dollar Bill, Yall, to incorporate further metal and hip hop influences. Significant Other was co-produced by Terry Date and Limp Bizkit. The album has sold at least 16 million copies worldwide. During the band's live performance at Woodstock 1999, violence erupted during the album's song "Break Stuff". However, Significant Other received high commercial sales, peaking at number one on the Billboard 200. Critical reception to the album was favorable, with critics responding well to the album's unique sound and the band's performance, which was considered to be an improvement over the band's debut.
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Anime Couple

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luna and matteo - This relationship is quite complicated. Usually you can observe small quarrels, arguments that the b
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luna and matteo

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siedzę i myślę - internet i jedzenie czego więcej
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siedzę i myślę

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Bajki dla dzieci - Muppety poza prawem Film
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Bajki dla dzieci

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