Sanok [ˈsanɔk] (in full the Royal Free City of Sanok - Polish: Królewskie Wolne Miasto Sanok, Ukrainian: Cянік, Latin: Sanocum, Yiddish: סאניק‎, Sonik) is a town in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship of south-eastern Poland with 38,397 inhabitants, as of June 2016. Located on the San River and around 52km south of Przemyśl, Sanok lies directly below the Carpathian Mountains. Once settled by Poles, Jews and Lemkos, the town's history goes back almost 1000 years when it was part of a medieval trade route. The Museum of Folk Architecture as well as the refurbished Sanok Castle and Old Town are popular points of interest. The region also features a 70km trail for hikers and cyclists.
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pokój dziecięcy

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