Komani, formerly known as Queenstown, is a town in the middle of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, roughly halfway between the smaller towns of Cathcart and Sterkstroom. It is currently the commercial, administrative, and educational centre of the prosperous surrounding farming district. Its former nickname of the town, 'Rose Capital of South Africa', comes from the large gardens and open places for flowers (especially roses) in and around town. The city is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Queenstown. Churches of all faith denominations are to be found in and around Komani.
a house by the lake - colorful jigsaw puzzle
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a house by the lake

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Shack at the lake - A lovely place to relax
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Shack at the lake

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Domek nad jeziorem - Church of the Good Shepherd nad jeziorem Tekapo, Nowa Zelandia
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Domek nad jeziorem

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