Pułtusk ([ˈpuu̯tusk]; German: Ostenburg) is a town in Poland by the river Narew, 70 kilometres (43 miles) north of Warsaw. It is located in the Masovian Voivodship and has about 19,000 inhabitants. In 1339 Pułtusk was granted town rights and throughout the 15th and 17th centuries, it was one of the most important economic centres in the Masovian region. The favorable placement of the town on the Narew River, where grain and other goods were transported to Gdańsk, contributed to the town’s growth and importance. Moreover, the construction of Europe’s longest paved market square (380 meters in length) was a sign of the town’s economic success. During the millennium of its existence, Pułtusk was possibly the most invaded town in Poland. Despite the extent of the destruction, especially during World War II, the town was reconstructed, and is now one of the most recognized and admired tourist destinations in the north-eastern part of the country because of its historical and unique architecture. It is one of the most popular weekend places for the inhabitants of Warsaw. Pułtusk is one of the oldest towns in Poland and, due to its beauty and floating gondolas, it is known as "Little Polish Venice".
Żyrardów - Stare domy z cegły i iglice
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Nie igraj z aniołem - Nie igraj z aniołem (hiszp. Cuidado con el ángel) – meksykańska telenowela wyprodukowana przez
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Nie igraj z aniołem

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