A portal is an opening in a wall of a building, gate or fortification, especially a grand entrance to an important structure. Doors, metal gates, or portcullis in the opening can be used to control entry or exit. The surface surrounding the opening may be made of simple building materials or decorated with ornamentation. The elements of a portal can include the voussoir, tympanum, an ornamented mullion or trumeau between doors, and columns with carvings of saints in the westwork of a church.
crystals xd - 100 puzzles xd xd xd lol
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crystals xd

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xd rabbits - 100 puzzles xd xd xd lol
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xd rabbits

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Violetta Castillo - She is a bright and energetic girl, but she lives in solitude, under the cloche of an overprotective
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Violetta Castillo

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Manga Anime - Dwie ładne dziewczyny Przyjaciółki:*
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Manga Anime

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Łowcy smoków - Łowcy Smoków Dragon Hunters
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Łowcy smoków

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