PSB Mrówka - a Polish network of self-service DIY stores created as a joint venture of the PSB Group Headquarters and a local shareholder of the company. In principle, PSB Mrówka stores are to supplement the commercial offers of PSB warehouses with a new range. The Mrówka stores are units with an area of ​​over 800 sq m and are mainly constructed in poviat cities, while the 400-800 sq m outlets are Mini-Mrówka stores, located in small towns up to 10,000 sq m. residents. The assortment of a typical PSB Mrówka store covers from 5 to 20 thousand. position (among others: garden and house surroundings, construction and finishing materials, building and household chemistry, bathroom and kitchen equipment, household appliances and power tools, lighting, furniture, doors, windows and articles for decoration and interior design). PSB Mrówka stores in combination with PSB Profi branches allow for complete construction and finishing of the house from foundations to the roof, as well as comprehensive arrangements of the garden and driveway together with the fence.