Moszna Castle

The Moszna Castle (Polish: Pałac w Mosznej, German: Schloss Moschen) is a historic castle and residence located in a small village of Moszna, in southwestern Poland. The castle is one of the best known monuments of the Upper Silesian region and has been often featured in the list of most beautiful castles in the world. The history of this building begins in the 17th century, although much older cellars were found in the gardens during excavations carried out at the beginning of the 20th century. Some of the those could have been remnants of a presumed Templar stronghold. After World War II, further excavations discovered a medieval palisade.
architecture - colorful jigsaw puzzle
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Palace garden - colorful palace garden
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Palace garden

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Castle - old castle with a moat in the city
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zamek_w Mosznej - zamek moszna_piękna fasada
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zamek_w Mosznej

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zamek w Mosznie - woda,zamek,cegła,drzewa
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zamek w Mosznie

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krzywy zamek czy fotka ? - zmek,baszta,wieżyczki,podwórze
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krzywy zamek czy fotka ?

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Zamek Moszna - Spróbuj ułożyć zamek.
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Zamek Moszna

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zamek w Mosznej - widok tyłów zamku jak z baśni
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zamek w Mosznej

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Zamek w Moszynie - Zamek pruski - Opolskie
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Zamek w Moszynie

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