Miś Uszatek

Miś Uszatek (Floppy Bear, literally Teddy Floppy-ear) is a Polish character from the stop motion-animated TV series of the same name. He was created jointly by Polish writer Czesław Janczarski and cartoonist Zbigniew Rychlicki. Miś Uszatek's first appearance was in a Polish comic magazine for children, "Miś", on 6 March 1957. Later, he was the main character of several children's books, which were translated into many languages. However, it became very popular in 1975, when Łódź' Animated Forms Studio (Studio Malych Form Filmowych), Se-ma-for, created a series of cartoons for the Polish TV network, featuring actor Mieczysław Czechowicz, who voiced the characters. In all-time Polish ranks of animated programs, it usually comes second only to Bolek i Lolek. The teddy bear Miś Uszatek and his friends - Prosiaczek (Piglet), Króliczki (Little Rabbits) and Zajączek (Little Hare), as well as Kruczek the Puppy - were loved by preteen kids. At the same time, Uszatek played the role of a friend from kindergarten. He was also liked by parents, as he would always go to bed at appropriate hour, singing the goodnight song: Altogether, Se-ma-for created 104 episodes of the cartoon; the last one was made in 1987. In the 1960s, two theatrical movies about the friendly bear were made.
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Se-ma-for muzeum - Stara bajka Miś Uszatek
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mis uszatek dobranocka - mis uszatek dobranocka
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mis uszatek dobranocka

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