MeyGen (full name MeyGen tidal energy project) is the worlds largest tidal energy plant which is currently in construction. The project uses four 1.5 MW turbines with 16m rotor diameter turbines submerged on the seabed. The project is owned and run by Tidal Power Scotland Limited and Scottish Enterprise. The high speed of currents in the area, reaching up to 5 metres per second (11 mph), made the chosen site in the Pentland Firth well suited to this type of energy generation. In October 2010 the newly named "MeyGen" tidal project from the nearby Castle of Mey and "Gen" for generation was created by a consortium of Atlantis Resources Limited, Morgan Stanley and received operational lease from the Crown Estate to a 400 MW project for 25 years. Phase 1a began operations in April 2018. Phase 1b is in undergoing construction and commissioning with a total of 8 1.5 MW turbines planned. Phase 1c which will be 49 turbines will begin construction and deployment in 2018 with the rest of the project aiming to be fully deployed by 2021. In December 2016 it was announced that the first turbine had begun full power operations, and all four turbines were installed by February 2017.
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