Mexican series

Mexican Spitfire refers to a series of seven comedy films released by the RKO Pictures between 1940 and 1943 starring Lupe Vélez and Leon Errol. The movies were a comedy featuring the character of Carmelita Lindsay (Lupe Vélez), a sympathetic and temperamental Mexican singer who leaves her career and her native country to meet Dennis Lindsay, an elegant and handsome American businessman. The series is a sequel of the 1939 film The Girl from Mexico which first introduced Carmelita and the other characters of the series. The argument is based mainly on the culture shock facing Carmelita in her new married life, especially when she gets to know the family and friends of her husband. She finds in her husband's uncle, Matthew 'Matt' Lindsay (Leon Errol), a friend and a perfect accomplice and companion of adventures, as they both get into trouble and situations usually caused by their scheming and by the volatile temperament of Carmelita. The plot often took a back seat to gags, many of them supposedly ad-libbed by Vélez and Errol during filming.
Maria Flores & Alejandro - Claudia Alvarez y Jose Ron
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Maria Flores & Alejandro

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