M like love

M jak miłość (lit. L for Love) is a Polish soap opera, revolving around the multiple generations of the Mostowiak family. The series premiered on 4 November 2000 on TVP2, primarily as a weekly drama, and after one season shifted into a new timeslot and extended to two (and occasionally three) episodes per week. For the last few years the show has been the most watched drama on Polish television. Its popularity led to a Russian adaptation, entitled Lyubov kak Lyubov. The series is also broadcast on the international channel TVP Polonia with English subtitles.
M jak milosc - M jak milosc serial telewizyjny
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M jak milosc

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Marcin i Szymuś <3 - Marcin i Szymuś z M jak miłość
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Marcin i Szymuś <3

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Natalka z M jak Miłość - Marcjanna Lelek już dorosła
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Natalka z M jak Miłość

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