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Kayko and Kokosh (Polish: Kajko i Kokosz) is a notable comic book series by Janusz Christa, published in Poland between the 1970s and 1980s. It is centred on a story of two Slavic warriors named Kayko and Kokosh, loosely resembling both Asterix and Obelix, as well as two personalities from Christa's earlier series on Kajtek i Koko (set in contemporary and science-fiction background). The series consists of 20 comic albums, as well as a number of shorter stories published in various magazines. In 2006 a short animated 3D movie was made. The series was largely popular in Poland and has been reprinted several times. It was also the basis of several computer games. Recently, several albums were translated into other languages including Kashubian and Silesian, as well as a dialect used by highlanders from Podhale, as well as an English edition of one of the albums, Flying School, translated by Michael Kandel. and French a translation by Pascale Peeters in 2018. Main characters in the series include castellan Mirmił, hypochondriac ruler of the village of Mirmiłowo, where Kayko and Kokosh serve as warriors; Lubawa, dominating wife of Mirmił; small dragon Miluś; benevolent witch Jaga; her husband, the good robber Breakbone and the antagonists of the series: military knight order of Knaveknights, based on the Teutonic Knights, led by Hegemon, with his second in command, Hitler-like Corporal and Schweik-like Oferma (Loser). The stories are written in tongue-in-cheek manner and contain light satirical elements, usually puns concerning reality of living in Communist-ruled Poland with characters sometimes mentioning labour unions, bureaucracy, commodity shortages and similar themes.
Christa Kajko and Kokosz - A series of comics by Janusz Christa, which became his most popular work. The protagonists of the co
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Christa Kajko and Kokosz

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