KAMAZ (Russian: Камский Автомобильный Завод – КАМАЗ, translit. Kamskiy Avtomobilny Zavod, lit. 'Kama Automobile Plant') is a Russian brand of trucks and engines manufacturer located in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russian Federation. It is famous for its cab over trucks. KAMAZ is a portmanteau which stands for a factory on Kama River. KAMAZ opened in 1976. Today, heavy duty models are exported to many areas of the world including the CIS, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa. The trucks have won the Dakar Rally a record fourteen times. KAMAZ is the largest truck producer in Russia and the CIS. The factory produces 43,000 trucks a year (2014). Reinforced KAMAZ trucks are used by the Russian army.
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Kamaz truck

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