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Kaito Kuroba (Japanese: 黒羽 快斗, Hepburn: Kuroba Kaito), the true identity of the gentleman thief "Kaito Kid" (怪盗キッド, Kaitō Kiddo, "Phantom Thief Kid"), is a fictional character and protagonist of the Magic Kaito manga series created by Gosho Aoyama. His father Toichi Kuroba was the original Kaito Kid before being killed by an unknown organization, while his mother was a former phantom thief known as the Phantom Lady. Kaito Kuroba then takes on the role of Kid after learning the organization is after a gemstone called Pandora and decides to find and destroy it. Kaito Kuroba has also made significant appearances in Aoyama's Case Closed series. His strong resemblance to the protagonist of this series, Jimmy Kudo, allows Kaito to impersonate him without a mask. He is also voiced by the same voice actors as Jimmy. When Case Closed was localized into English, Viz Media chose the rōmaji Kaito Kid for the manga, while Funimation Entertainment referred to him as Phantom Thief Kid in the anime. Shogakukan Asia also chose to use Kaito Kid.
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