A summary or summary is an overview of the essential content of a text or film. Common forms of content are the table of contents, the abstract, and other forms of documentary presentation. The English term summary is common in scientific papers. The contents are standardized in the DIN standard DIN 1426. The summary is a coherent text (not in dash or list form) and an important scholarly writing form. In contrast to a view based on product norms (see above), the reproduction of contents in school, especially in German lessons, is process-oriented and functional: Similar to retelling, but with different linguistic means and in a more limited form in the summary texts to be understood and discussed, to "reformulate". This requires a cognitive as well as linguistic performance whose self-reliance is often underestimated: The summary of content is one of the demanding formats of written Leistungsleistungsprüfung. In contrast to a conclusion or conclusion or a review contents should - in normative terms - contain no interpretations and reviews , In contrast to retellings content statements should continue to contain no tensions.
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