Future Library project

The Future Library project (Norwegian: Framtidsbiblioteket) is a public artwork that aims to collect an original work by a popular writer every year from 2014 to 2114 and to share them with the world only then. One thousand trees were specially planted for the project in the Nordmarka forest at its inception; the 100 books will be printed in limited-edition anthologies using paper made from the trees. The project was conceived by Katie Paterson during the summer of 2014. It is managed by the Future Library Trust and supported by the City of Oslo, Norway. It was produced for the Slow Space public art program and commissioned by Bjørvika, Oslo's former container port, and its development corporation. The manuscripts will be held in a specially designed room at the new Deichman Library (Oslo Public Library) currently under construction in Bjørvika, Oslo. The collected works will be on display but the manuscripts will not be available for reading. The Future Library Trust's committee of trustees will make a new selection annually based on the criteria "outstanding contributions to literature or poetry, and for their work's ability to capture the imagination of this and future generations." One thousand certificates entitling the holder to the full anthology in 2114 are being sold by the artist's galleries: Ingleby Gallery (Edinburgh), James Cohan Gallery (New York) and Parafin (London). Initially sold for £625, the price increased to £800 in 2017.