Fire engine

A fire engine (also known in some territories as a fire truck, or fire appliance) is a vehicle designed primarily for firefighting operations. In addition, many fire departments/fire services often employ their vehicles for various other uses including emergency medical services and rescue purposes. The terms "fire engine" and "fire truck" are often used interchangeably. The primary purposes of a fire engine include transporting firefighters to an incident scene, providing water with which to fight a fire, and carrying other equipment needed by firefighters. A typical modern vehicle will carry tools for a wide range of firefighting and rescue tasks, with common equipment including ladders, a self-contained breathing apparatus, ventilating equipment, first aid kits, and hydraulic rescue tools. Many fire vehicles are based on standard vehicle models (although some parts may be upgraded to cope with the demands of the vehicles' usage). They are normally fitted with audible and visual warnings, as well as communication equipment such as two-way radios and mobile computer technology.
Fireman Sam - British animated series, which depicts the adventures of the brave fireman Sam and his friends. He c
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Fireman Sam

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strażąk - Puzzle przedstawiają bajkową postać strażaka.
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Strażak - Pewnie dla dziewczyn to będzie niezły....
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