The Speedway Ekstraliga (English: Polish Extraleague, Polish: Ekstraliga żużlowa) is the top division of motorcycle speedway in Poland. It has been called the "richest and most popular speedway league in the world", and attracts riders from all over the world. The Ekstraliga has the highest average attendances for any sport in Poland. With the fall of communism in Poland in the 1990s and the resultant sharp increase in the value of the Złoty, the sport began to attract a wider range of star riders from other countries. The first of these was Denmark’s Hans Nielsen. In 2000, the First Division was renamed Ekstraliga, and the number of teams was reduced. Since 2012 the official sponsor of Ekstraliga is the Polish energy company ENEA, which signed the financial contract for three consecutive seasons through 2014. The top division tournaments are named Enea Ekstraliga respectively.
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