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A cue stick (or simply cue, more specifically pool cue, snooker cue, or billiards cue), is an item of sporting equipment essential to the games of pool, snooker and carom billiards. It is used to strike a ball, usually the cue ball. Cues are tapered sticks, typically about 57–59 inches (about 1.5 m) long and usually between 16 and 21 ounces (450–600 g), with professionals gravitating toward a 19-ounce (540 g) average. Cues for carom tend toward the shorter range, though cue length is primarily a factor of player height and arm length. Most cues are made of wood, but occasionally the wood is covered or bonded with other materials including graphite, carbon fiber or fiberglass. An obsolete term for a cue, used from the 16th to early 19th centuries, is billiard stick.
Billiard puzzle - colorful puzzle jigsaw
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Billiard puzzle

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Billiard balls ... - Billiards formerly plays gentlemen ... now in almost every pub
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Billiard balls ...

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Snooker Love - Olinek mistrz nad mistrze.
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Snooker Love

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Pezzi per giochi con bambini - Puzzle utilizzato per una caccia a tesoro
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Pezzi per giochi con bambini

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billiards - puzzles - Billiards, great on free winter evenings
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billiards - puzzles

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