"Bride of Chaotica!" is the 106th episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager airing on the UPN network, the 12th episode of the fifth season. The episode originally aired on January 27, 1999. The episode largely takes place on the holodeck, which is running a holo-program in black and white instead of the usual color. This was because of a small fire to the Bridge set that had occurred while the episode was in production; as a result the Bridge scenes were shot weeks later after the set was repaired and scenes that were originally set for the Bridge were either entirely rewritten or set on a different part of the ship. The episode contains many elements of the classic 1936 film serial Flash Gordon. In this episode, Voyager becomes stuck on an interdimensional rift as photonic beings from the other dimension attempt contact in the holodeck, meeting the photonic villains of Ens. Paris' "Captain Proton" program, who promptly attack them.
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