A cappuccino ( ( listen); Italian pronunciation: [kapputˈtʃiːno] Italian plural cappuccini) is an espresso-based coffee drink that originated in Italy, and is traditionally prepared with double espresso, and steamed milk foam. Variations of the drink involve the use of cream instead of milk, and flavouring with cinnamon or chocolate powder. It is typically smaller in volume than a caffè latte, with a thicker layer of micro foam. The name comes from the Capuchin friars, referring to the colour of their habits, and in this context referring to the colour of the beverage when milk is added in small portion to dark, brewed coffee (today mostly espresso). The physical appearance of a modern cappuccino with espresso créma and steamed milk is a result of a long evolution of the drink. The Viennese bestowed the name "Kapuziner" possibly in the 18th century on a version that included whipped cream and spices of unknown origin. The Italian cappuccino was unknown outside Italy until the 1930s, and seems to be born out of Viennese-style cafés in Trieste and other cities in the former Austria in the first decades of the 20th century. The drink has since spread worldwide and can be found at a number of establishments.
moment of relaxation - a moment of relaxation over coffee
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moment of relaxation

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Zuzia's coffee - Morning coffee is delicious try this today; D
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Zuzia's coffee

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Coffee for two - Coffee, cups, hearts
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Coffee for two

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something sweet - smiling cup with coffee
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something sweet

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Puzzle-coffee - coffee jigsaw puzzle
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walentynkowo - cup of coffee on rose petals
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spożywka - cup with coffee, cake and leaf
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gallery c.d - two cups of coffee to start the day
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gallery c.d

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świąteczny stół - świąteczny stół, kawa w kształcie serca
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świąteczny stół

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dzień dobry - puzle na dzień dobry
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dzień dobry

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Kawaa Kawa hawyjg nu - nygftdruy fiuvybgo  uh bygiuh uh hgygf puih
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Kawaa Kawa hawyjg nu

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Manga Anime - Dwie ładne dziewczyny Przyjaciółki:*
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Manga Anime

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Filiżanka kawy - Ziarenka kawy, młynek i kawa w filiżance
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Filiżanka kawy

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