A bridge–tunnel is a persistent, unbroken road or rail connection across water that uses a combination of bridges and tunnels, and sometimes causeways, and does not involve intermittent connections such as drawbridges or ferries. Bridge–tunnels are a common form of fixed link or fixed crossing which replaces ferry service. Fixed links are often, but not necessarily, intercontinental links between continents or transoceanic links to offshore islands.
Rzym- Zatybrze - Bialy most na Tybrze
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Rzym- Zatybrze

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Wisła - miejsce w górach - Muszla koncertowa w Wiśle
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Wisła - miejsce w górach

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most we Wrocławiu - most,stary,woda,rzeka,drzewa
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most we Wrocławiu

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most wantowy - most przed portem Północnym w Gdańsku
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most wantowy

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biały most - nowoczesny most za unijne pieniądze
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biały most

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