Brassica rapa

Brassica rapa is a plant consisting of various widely cultivated subspecies including the turnip (a root vegetable); napa cabbage, bomdong, bok choy, and cime di rapa (leaf vegetables); and Brassica rapa subsp. oleifera, an oilseed which has many common names, including turnip rape, field mustard, bird rape, and keblock. The oil made from the seed is sometimes also called canola or colza, which is one reason why it is sometimes confused with rapeseed oil, but this comes from a different Brassica species (Brassica napus). The oilseeds known as canola are sometimes particular varieties of Brassica rapa (termed Polish Canola) but usually the related species Brassica napus (rapeseed) and Brassica juncea (mustard greens and mizuna). Researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have selectively bred one subspecies of B. rapa to have an extremely short life cycle for use as a model organism in education and experiment.
rapeseed field - rural landscape, fields, crops, agriculture
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rapeseed field

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Field of rape. - Yellow rape field.
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Field of rape.

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Greater - rapeseed fields in Greater Poland
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The longest way - The longest road in the sun
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The longest way

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trees in rape - yellow, rape, trees, green
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trees in rape

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spring landscape - tree, field, green, horizon
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spring landscape

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burza i błyskawice - rzepak,wieś,błyskawica,niebo
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burza i błyskawice

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Kwiat rzepaku - Żółte kwiaty rzepaku
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Kwiat rzepaku

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wiosna,kwiaty,kolorowe pola - wiosna,kwiaty,kolorowe pola
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wiosna,kwiaty,kolorowe pola

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rzepakowe pole .... - rzepakowe pole .... rzepakowe pole ....
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rzepakowe pole ....

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prati gialli - prati o campi giallissimi.........
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prati gialli

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piękny krajobraz Mazur - droga wśród pól rzepaku
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piękny krajobraz Mazur

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czas oczekiwania ,,, - piękny czas oczekiwania ...
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czas oczekiwania ,,,

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Krajobraz z Polski - Pięknie kwitnące rzepaki
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Krajobraz z Polski

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Żółte kwiatki - Żółte na rabatkę kwiaty lub na balkon
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Żółte kwiatki

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