Bajm (stylized name: BAJM) - Polish band performing music from the borderline of pop and pop-rock, founded in 1978 in Lublin. The composition of the band has changed several times, the only person who has been in the band since its beginnings is the singer and co-founder of the group, Beata Kozidrak. The name of the band comes from the first letters of the names of its founders: Beata Kozidrak, Andrzej Pietras, Jarosław Kozidrak and Marek Winiarski. The final composition since 1993 is made up of Beata Kozidrak, Adam Drath, Piotr Bielecki, Artur Daniewski, Krzysztof Nieścior, and from 2000 also Maria Dobrzańska.
Cover - Cover from a rock album
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