The BMW Z4 is a range of two-seat roadster and coupé models which have been produced since 2002. It is the third model in the BMW Z Series and the successor to the Z3. The first generation (E85/E86) was produced with either a soft-top convertible roof, or as a fixed-roof coupe. The second generation (E89) was produced in one body style, using a retractable hardtop roof. The Z4 has been powered by a range of inline-4 and straight-6 petrol engines. For the first generation (E85/E86), all of the engines were naturally aspirated. For the second generation (E89), the first turbocharged engine became available and by 2011 the entire range used turbocharged engines. Initially, the Z4 was produced in South Carolina in the United States. In 2008, production was moved to Regensburg Germany.
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