B.A.P Live on Earth 2014 Continent Tour

B.A.P Live on Earth 2014 Continent Tour was a 2014 concert tour headlined by the South Korean boyband B.A.P. The tour was held from March to June 2014 in Seoul, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Düsseldorf, Paris, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Taipei, Singapore, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Chiba, and Bangkok. The concert's main theme was 'Earth Needs You,' and six keywords (Justice, Emotion, Passion, Love, Happiness, and You) related to the theme made up the continuity. A week before the start of their South American leg, TS Entertainment released an official statement canceling B.A.P's tour in South America due to insufficient time for the artists to rest and recharge. TS Entertainment stated that they placed their artists condition as top priority when canceling this tour.
B.A.P2014 - B.A.P Live on Earth 2014
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